This Son Takes Road Rage To The Extreme… On His Own Dad

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norman wilson 640x426 This Son Takes Road Rage To The Extreme... On His Own Dad

Jeremy Kyle may have found his next studio guests with this family, who not only have a dad who was suspected of sleeping with his son’s ex-partner, but a son who then took to the wheel of his car to run his dad down!


Dean Wilson totally lost the plot upon deciding his father had been doing the nasty with one of his former girlfriends and not only threatened his dad with physical violence, but also channeled his inner Arnold Schwarzenegger by chillingly telling his father ‘I’ll be back.’

dean wilson 480x426 This Son Takes Road Rage To The Extreme... On His Own Dad


Amazingly 60 year old Norman Wilson survived being ran over and then reversed back over, and is understandably now planning on moving away from both his son and the area – not that 37 year old Dean will be seeing his dad for some time after being convicted of the rather horrendous crime.


So basically, don’t even look at your son’s partner in the wrong way or you might get a nasty shock next time you cross the road!