This Summer Is Set To Be A Rainy Washout

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This Summer Is Set To Be A Rainy Washout 155

Not long ago, it was boiling. The great British public were out with their tops off, Lonsdale three-quarter length trackies on, and cans of Fosters were in abundance. But it’s gone a bit chilly again now, and apparently it might be staying that way.

When it was reported that we could be in for our hottest summer ever, I was personally rather skeptical.

It seems that every year, around April time when it gets a bit sunny and warmer, the newspapers go mad with pictures of bikini clad girls on beaches and kids eating ice creams, usually with the word ‘sizzling’ thrown into a headline. It happens every year – ‘This summer will be the hottest on record’. But it never is.

2015 looks like it will be no exception.

It seems as though experts have u-turned. Apparently, we are in for a wet and cold summer this year.

Three months of much colder temperatures than first predicted, and above average rainfall.

Great. I can’t wait.

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Weather Forecaster Simon Keeling said:

June is expected to see low pressure dominate, feeling cooler before turning warmer towards the end of the month.

July looks largely unsettled with periods of rain.

If you’re going to any festival, best pack your wellies and leave your Huarache’s at home..

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