This Traffic Warden Gave A Wheelie Bin A Parking Ticket

By : Alex Bentley |


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Being Welsh I can say this… We’re a weird lot. Our national delicacy is cheese on toast, and the majority of our town names make you sound like you have a lisp. But not all of us are weird enough to give a car parking fine to a wheelie bin.

To be fair, the bin is on double yellow lines. Maybe the traffic warden figured that it shouldn’t be there, so decided to issue a ticket. Perhaps he thought it was one of them English people, coming over the border in their fancy new cars. Either way, a formal investigation is underway to find out what the hell went on there. My guess is that there is one jobsworth out there, that was having a very bad day.

Feel free to comment with your bin related puns. I’d do one myself, but all mine are rubbish. Soz.