This Website Lets You Glitterbomb Your Enemies For A Fiver

By : Sam Ridgway |



Glitter is a bitch. That’s just fact. It gets EVERYWHERE. Your hands, your elbow pits, your toes, in your arse crack and anywhere else you can think of and yes I’m being over the top but I just f*cking hate glitter.

The only time I ever LIKE glitter is when it’s pissing other people off. Especially people I dislike. So when I found out about this website, I let out a little bit of wee.

It’s called, and I don’t think I have to explain what you can use it for. But I will anyway…

Basically, what you do is send them around $10 AUS which works out at about 5 quid. Then, you tell them who and where. That person will then receive a letter through the post a few weeks letter, but when they open it and pull out the paper from inside, GLITTER WILL GO EVERYWHERE AND IT WILL BE REALLY F*CKING ANNOYING.

Thank us later.

[via Gizmodo]