This Woman Earns A Living Farting And Eating On Webcam

By : Sam Ridgway |


pa real life 12 sarah reign burger challenge

Some people do some crazy stuff online in order to make money, but this woman takes the biscuit. Literally.

This is Sarah Reign, a 26-year-old New Yorker who makes up to £1000 eating and farting on her webcam for men online who describe her as a ‘feedee’.

At the request of her clients, she’ll smear chocolate cake all over her body, cover herself in sauce, put things in her belly button and fart on demand. She also sells her used underwear to the highest bidders.

pa real life 19 sarah reign pouring chocolate syrup on herself

Speaking about her side job – as she works security at a factory in the daytime – she said:

It felt awkward eating on camera at first as fans love to watch you chewing every mouthful.

But I eat so much anyway I thought it’d be fun to do it on cam. I just keep eating until I’m full.

She also explained how she enjoys sitting on her clients, going on to say how she got ‘really into’ sitting on their faces and smothering it with her belly.

pa real life 18 sarah reign blowing balloons

One of her most common requests is to behave like a pig and she even has a ‘piggy nose and ears’ to fully meet her client’s demands.

I have a piggy nose and ears that I wear and eat really messily in, covering my face with chocolate.

But when the camera’s off, I’m a clean freak and put my bra and the towels I use to cover the floor straight in the washing machine.

pa real life 6 sarah reign eating a take away

Fair enough, I suppose?

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