This Woman Married Her Brother-In-Law And Buried Him Alive

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This Woman Married Her Brother In Law And Buried Him Alive Qiao Li Tsui web thumb

A Chinese woman convinced her brother-in-law to leave his wife (her sister) before burying him alive on a mountain.

25-year old Qiao Li Tsui met 30-year old Jian Tsao two years ago when he was engaged to her sister. Qiao managed to convince her brother-in-law to leave the sister, Wan Niu, and marry her instead.

Qiao and Jian got married in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. We don’t know if the first sister turned up.

Only a year later Qiao got bored and decided to find someone else. She met a man online, Cai Chen, and the pair had an affair behind her Jian’s back.

She’s already proven herself to be a bit of a bitch, by this point the best thing for her to do would be to say to Jian something like: “Sorry, it’s just not working out,” or “It’s not you, it’s me.” Any bullshit like that would have closed the deal and everyone would have lived happily ever after.

Instead Qiao decided to go full-blown psycho bitch by hatching a plan with her new man to lure her Jian to the mountains under the pretence of a picnic. Here she stabbed him and buried him alive in a shallow grave.

Unfortunately Jian died from his injuries. It wasn’t until three days later that Cai (the other man) turned himself in after being riddled with guilt.

This Woman Married Her Brother In Law And Buried Him Alive Qiao Li Tsui 1

Cai showed the police where the body was buried.

The autopsy revealed there was soil in his lungs, meaning he was still breathing when he was buried.

Qiao Li Tsui faces life in jail and her sister couldn’t care less. According to The Mirror, Wan said: “She is an evil, conniving bitch who deserves to be shot.

“She ruined my happiness, destroyed my fiance, and has now destroyed the life of this new lover.

“She has no remorse and no feelings. I hope she rots in hell.”

A police spokesman said: “This is one of the most diabolical love crimes we have ever come across.”