This Woman Wet Herself, And A Horror Park Used The Photo As An Advert

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A lot of these horror mazes and haunted house places claim to be scary. This one clams to be ‘piss your pants scary’. And it is.

Spookers Scream Park in New Zealand recently used a picture of a visitor and her wet pants on their Facebook page as an advert. Gutted for her.

While you can’t see her face in the picture, the unnamed woman claims to be the victim of ridicule from friends and family. Which is understandable. If my mate pissed himself and a picture was used like this, it would be a LONG time before it got dropped.

The horror park has you running through a pitch black corn maze while being chased by zombie blokes with chainsaws and stuff like that.

The website says:

It is not for the faint hearted and is definitely not open for children. Come prepared with torches and a change of underwear; you won’t be disappointed.

They did warn her, to be fair.

However, a friend of the woman in the picture has come out and said that she wet her pants from laughing too much, NOT from being scared…

We had been through the haunted house and we were laughing so much and she lost control of her bladder.

Yeah. Of course that’s what happened…