This Young Lad Made £3,000 In Eight Weeks As Boss Of His Own Business

By : Alex Watt |


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A 13-year-old schoolboy has set up his own business, which is now one of the fastest growing in the UK, and earned £3,000 in just two months.

Harvey Millington sells reminder tax discs to forgetful drivers and can receive up to 400 orders a day.

The paper discs remind car owners to renew their tax or MOT.

Harvey’s business, ‘Tax Disc Reminder’, has proven incredibly popular and earned him thousands from selling the product for just £4 each.

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Harvey, from Taunton, Somerset, said:

I’m alright with it. The money is nice. I haven’t got any plans for it yet though. I’ve had quite a few teachers asking me about it but my friends don’t really know too much. Sometimes I am working quite hard. I’m probably the richest person in my class. I’m hoping to carry on for a while.

Harvey came up with the idea after spotting his dad’s car no longer had a tax disc in the window last October.

After the rule changed last year, hundreds of drivers have found themselves unwittingly clamped for having an untaxed motor.

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In March alone, 6,000 people missed the deadline to renew their tax and had to pay between £500 and £800.

Harvey’s dad Howard Millington was so impressed by his son’s idea that he fronted the business £2,000 and also helped register the business as a limited company due to Harvey’s age.

Motorists enter their details online, such as address and registration, before Harvey looks up all the dates and sends out the personalised tax disc.

Fair play to this young guy’s entrepreneurial spirit. He’s certainly more switched on than we were as teenagers!