Time To Feel Old, This Is Connie Talbot From Britain’s Got Talent 2007




I think the main thing that is messing with my head regarding this story is that 2007 was EIGHT years ago. What the f*ck.

Anyway, back in 2007, which was a whopping eight years ago (I still can’t get my head around that) pretty much everyone watched Britain’s Got Talent. It was the first ever series and already in its peak.

So when tiny six-year-old singing sensation Connie Talbot hit the stage, she was always going to take the country by storm. And that’s exactly what she did. The Birmingham schoolgirl ended up coming second to Paul Potts on the show and her original audition video has since racked up almost 150 million views on YouTube. Her debut album also went on to sell over 250,000 copies, going gold in the UK. Which wasn’t bad for a six-year-old!

But what is Connie doing nowadays? Well, still singing and looking completely different. Because, you know, age and stuff. Eight years of it, in fact, if I haven’t already mentioned that…

Screen Shot 2015 06 29 at 10.15.12

Screen Shot 2015 06 29 at 10.14.48

With a new album reportedly coming in September, Connie is pipped to re-enter the British music scene, and after teaching herself to play the piano and guitar, she’s much better equipped this time.

She’s also managed by her mum and dad, who are making sure she keeps her head down in school. Which is fair enough.

We wish her the best of luck!