Tom Hardy Wants To Play Marvel’s The Punisher

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Tom Hardy Wants To Play Marvels The Punisher 138

Tom Hardy is hot property right now and is absolutely tearing up Hollywood with roles in upcoming films such as Child 44, Mad Max: Fury Road and Legend in which he will play both Kray Twins.

He was also set to play Rick Flagg in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, but recently dropped out. Basically, the London lad is a very busy boy at the moment – but that hasn’t stopped him from shedding some light on other roles he’d like to get stuck into in the future.

Speaking to Collider, Hardy said he’d love to take on the role as Marvel’s The Punisher, the iconic businessman who looks to avenge his murdered family members – in what is a similar story to that of Max Payne.

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There is no doubt that Tom would perfectly fit the role of Frank Castle (Punisher’s real name), but with the actor only being 5’9, that could be a thorn in his side, as Castle is, well, a very big dude!

However, if this was to go down, it would be the first time that Marvel’s anti-hero has been brought to the BIG screen. Thomas Jane and John Travolta’s 2004 version grossed $54 million worldwide and only holds cult status.

And if there was ever a time for this to happen, it would definitely be sooner rather than later, with Marvel currently owning theatres worldwide with a recent string of box office smashes.


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