The Top 10 Most Valuable Football Clubs In The World

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Forbes have released this year’s list of the most valuable football clubs in the world, and there is a strong showing from the Premier League. Unsurprisingly, though, it’s the two giants of Spain who top the list.

Real Madrid has retained its place as the most valuable football club in the world for a third successive year, but the figures show Manchester United could soon take their place. Despite winning the UEFA Champions League, the reigning European champions’ value has dropped by 5% to £2.13bn this year, but their £746 million revenue is the highest of any sports team in the world.

Their arch rivals, Barcelona, are second on the list with a value of £2.07bn, followed by Manchester United at £2.03bn. Despite not qualifying for the Champions League, Forbes has recorded a 10% increase in the value of the club. Man Utd has secured a £53m per season kit sponsorship deal with Chervrolet and next season the revenue of the club will be further boosted by the recent £750m deal struck with Adidas.

The Top 10 Most Valuable Football Clubs In The World Clubs

The Spanish giants’ place at the top is also at risk due to a law that would change how La Liga TV revenue money is distributed. Currently, Real Madrid and Barcelona receive the lion’s share of television revenue, however, a law has been passed that would force the clubs to enter into a collective bargaining agreement similar to that of the Premier League.

During the 2013-14 season, Real Madrid and Barcelona received £104m each in TV revenue, a combined £208m of the £560m total. And 5 clubs in the league received as little as £13 million. This is in contrast to the Premier League. Liverpool, the club who earned the most from TV revenue received £87m of the £1390m total.

The Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) strongly supports the new law, however, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the players’ union (AFE) oppose the legislation and have backed halting competition across all Spanish football from May 16.