Train Crashes Into Truck Carrying 70,000 Pounds Of Bacon

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Train Crashes Into Truck Carrying 70,000 Pounds Of Bacon bacon crash WEBAP

An Amtrak train in the U.S slammed into a trailer filled with over 70,000 pounds (31 tonnes) of bacon on Friday afternoon.

Luckily, no serious injuries have been reported from the crash which sent metal and pork product flying everywhere at a crossing about 60 miles from Chicago.


The collision flipped the truck and sent its cab flying to the opposite side of the tracks, separating it from the broken trailer.

The truck’s contents, which included the bacon, spewed out alongside the tracks as the 203 passengers from the train crowded the scene at Route 53 and River Road.

Some passengers complained on social media about being confused about what to do following the crash.

Passengers had to wait 20 minutes before being told to leave, and were then taken by buses to a local school.

They should have just been glad that fate intervened to save their bacon, to be honest!