Two Topless Protestors Storm Muslim Conference

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Two Topless Protestors Storm Muslim Conference UNILAD feminists17

Two topless women have stormed the stage at a Muslim event north west of Paris, France. Footage shows them being dragged off stage and kicked. 

The unnamed women, aged 25 and 31, ran on stage naked from the waist up to protest against the oppression of women. The messages on their bodies read “nobody makes me submit” and they are from a group called FEMEN.

The group, which began in Ukraine in 2008, often uses nudity to promote their protests against government and organisations with which they disagree.

What starts out as looking like a nice bit of chaos quickly becomes quite shocking. The women are literally dragged from the stage and one guy even attempts to lay into one of the ladies with some kicks.

People tend to have very strong views for and against feminism. Personally, this particular protest from FEMEN doesn’t offend me and I honestly don’t mind a little mayhem.

The response from security and people that rushed the stage is actually frightening however and in a way proves the legitimacy of the protest. Before the conference 6,000 people had signed a petition protesting it.

The stunt has outraged some social media users with a number calling for the pair to be stoned.

Two Topless Protestors Storm Muslim Conference UNILAD feminists28


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