U.S Brewery To Make A Beer Made From Urine and Sewage

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U.S Brewery To Make A Beer Made From Urine and Sewage beer

Speciality beers are all the rage nowadays, but one brewery is taking things a step further with plans to brew beer from human sewage.

Production of the beer, which is to be made from waste gathered by the sewage treatment firm ‘Clean Water Services’, has been given the go ahead by alcohol regulators in Oregon, U.S.

The company will treat the sewage and then hand it over to the microbrewers.

A 50-page report by the sewage company suggests that the excrement would pose “very low human health risk” and would be treated to “very high standards”, which is the very least we’d expect, to be honest.

In the report, Robert Baumgartner, an assistant director at Clean Water Services, told regulators the move is designed to “raise awareness of the reusable nature of all water”.

In the report, Baumgartner stated:

By highlighting craft beer, a product Oregon is known for around the world, the project will seek to engage people everywhere in a conversation about water.

Would a film not have done the same job, Robert?

Unsurprisingly, the scheme hasn’t gone down too well with Oregon residents, although local brewing groups and enthusiasts have offered their support.

Only ten barrels of the beer are to be produced and the finished product won’t be available in shops, although there is talk of mass production if the drink proves popular.

We’ll probably give this particular drink a miss, thanks.


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