U.S Customers Will Soon Be Able To Order A Pizza Just By Tweeting The Pizza Emoji

By : Alex Watt |


Dominos emoji 640x400Twitter

Hungry customers in America will soon be able to order Domino’s pizza at the push of a button.

The company are implementing a new “tweet-to-order” system next week for those who have long thought that actually talking to a person or filling out an online order form was just too much hassle.

The system will be rolled out in the U.S as of May 20 and people won’t even have to type out their full order on Twitter – simply tweeting the pizza emoji will suffice.


Hopefully they bring this feature over to the UK soon!

Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle said:

It’s the epitome of convenience. We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.

This sounds amazing in theory, although there’s no indication of how Domino’s can actually find the right address or know your specific order from one image.

Also, if you’re drunk and accidentally tweet 50 pizza emojis, will you still get charged?

Probably. But if this can be fine tuned, it could end up being the most lazy but genius idea ever.


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