UFC Fighter Leslie Smith Beat The Crap Out Of A Guy Who Touched Her Friend’s Ass

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UFC Fighter Leslie Smith Beat The Crap Out Of A Guy Who Touched Her Friends Ass leslie smith web 1Zuffa/Getty

The idiot who thought he could take advantage of women in a club is very much regretting his decision after it turned out that one of the ladies was UFC fighter Leslie Smith.

And ‘The Peacemaker’ taught this guy a lesson in a very visceral way.

On Saturday night, Leslie, fellow UFC fighter Heather Jo Clark, Clark’s boyfriend and a female friend of Smith went to The Mint, a karoake lounge in San Francisco. Unfortunately, one moron allegedly felt he had the right to grope Smith’s friend.

Bad call.

Smith immediately confronted the man:

I followed him and I was like, ‘Hey, you can’t do that!’ And he was like, ‘I can do whatever I want.’ And I was like, ‘No, motherf*cker you can’t.’ Then he turned around and spit on me and threw a big right hand.

Smith’s coach Cesar Gracie relayed the story of the very one-sided fight on Facebook.

UFC Fighter Leslie Smith Beat The Crap Out Of A Guy Who Touched Her Friends Ass leslie smith web 2Zuffa/Getty

He wrote:

Leslie ducked the punch and shot in for a takedown. She quickly got to the man’s back and applied a choke but decided he needed some elbow strikes and punches to learn a valuable lesson. The man, unable to fend off the better fighter, desperately grabbed at Leslie’s hair and in vain resorted to fighting like a girl.

Heather, without missing a beat, delivered a running soccer kick to the man’s nether regions. Leslie again achieved mount and delivered a series of elbows until the man, now having his face looking more like hamburger meat, yelled out that he was sorry and that he respected them. At this point Leslie disengaged and allowed the man to get up and go. He left having learned a valuable lesson and the women returned to the club.

This guy got quite the lesson in respect and Smith explained that this kind of male behaviour is an irritatingly regular occurrence for women in clubs.

Sadly, not every girl who experiences this has extensive mixed martial arts training under their belt!

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Smith said:

I let go of that and just dropped elbows on him. He turned over and I just dropped elbows on him from mount against the building until he started saying, ‘I’m sorry’. Then I stopped as soon as he said sorry, because that was really the only thing I went over there for.

It’s not an unusual thing for a woman, a good-looking woman in public to get grabbed and fondled by strangers. At first, I was trying to keep the whole thing on the down low and not say anything about it, but after seeing how happy it has made so many women, I changed my mind.It’s a situation where if a dude did that to another dude, there would be a fight. That wouldn’t happen in the first place. When I saw people reacting to it so happily, I was like, OK we can share it. Let’s share it.

Leslie noted that she is a pacifist outside the cage but sometimes rules are made to be broken, and I think we can all agree that this is one of them.

Good on her! The only disappointment here is that no video of this incident has emerged yet…