UK Government Introducing Laws So They Can Hack Your Phones And Computers

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Big Brother is watching you!

Life in Britain is about to get very Nineteen Eighty-Four indeed, with reports that the UK Government are set to pass a new law in the next few weeks which will give spies the freedom to hack into people’s phones and computers.


According to a report from The Times, spies are set to be handed a whole host of new surveillance and hacking powers, as the Tory government revive and rename the controversial ‘Snooper’s Charter’ which proved such a popular idea the first time around…

The original Draft Communications Data Bill (nicknamed the Snooper’s Charter) was quashed in 2013 by the Liberal Democrats in the coalition government, but the Tories made it clear if they returned to power in 2015 they would look to revive it.


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And it looks like they’ve done just that!

Reports suggest the new powers could include giving spying agencies the power to take over a phone remotely and access all of the documents, text messages, emails and photos which are stored on it. They’ll also then be able to install software allowing them to check in on people’s messages and data on a regular basis.


The new legislation is reportedly set to come into effect next month and it’ll certainly be welcomed by the likes of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ who have wanted these increased powers for some time because they claim they lack the powers to properly protect the country against threats.

However, privacy campaigners will be furious at the news, and we’re certainly more than a little bit concerned about it ourselves, especially given the fears we already have about our porn search history appearing online!