UK Taxpayers Face Bill Of Up To £7 Billion For Parliament Restoration

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UK Taxpayers Face Bill Of Up To £7 Billion For Parliament Restoration stream img1

The UK taxpayer faces a bill of at least £3 billion for the “major restoration” of the Houses of Parliament – however should MPs refuse to move out, that price will skyrocket to up to £7.1 billion.

Restoring the crumbling stonework of the historic building will (somehow) cost around £3 billion if construction services have the building to themselves – however, if they are forced to work around an active parliament, the price will double for the UK taxpayer.

The 150-year-old Grade I listed building is partly sinking, contains asbestos and has outdated cabling – and a panel of experts have stated that if it does not undergo major restoration, it will have to be abandoned all together.

It is thought that if the restoration happens, and MPs decide to move out, it will take up to five years to completely restore.

One option for the MPs would be to temporarily move to either the Methodist Central Hall or the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre over the road. And according to one BBC correspondent, a relocation to Birmingham has been suggested.

However, no matter what happens, the UK taxpayer is going to be footed with a bill of at least £3 billion – should that price be re-evaluated?

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