UK Teen Attacked By Poisonous Spider In Enfield Cinema

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A UK teenager had to have a chunk of her hand cut out after a venomous spider bit her as she watched a horror film.

UK Teen Attacked By Poisonous Spider In Enfield Cinema false widow

Stephanie Georgiou, 18, was nipped by a suspected false widow spider at her local Enfield Cineworld cinema on Thursday January 2nd 2014. According to Stephanie’s mother Yiota, as soon as Stephanie sat down to see the film she laid her hand on the arm rest then she felt a sudden sharp pain like an electric shock. Afterwards she felt dizzy, hot then shivery. The bite became sore and swollen and a Cyst appeared that grew bigger and bigger.

Stephanie needed an operation to cut out the poison. Four days later after her condition worsened, she had another to halt the infection which was followed by a skin graft.

Cineworld have since contacted Stephanie’s family and apologised, stating they are taking this matter extremely seriously.

No-one is reported to have died from a false widow bite in the UK, but victims report chest pains, tingling sensations and swelling.

The false widow spider (steatoda nobilis) is the most dangerous of the 12 species of biting spider known in Britain.

It is thought to have arrived in Britain in crates of fruit from the Canary Islands in the late 19th Century, with the first reported sighting in Torquay in 1879.

The spider, which is about the size of a 50p piece, belongs to the same family as the black widow, although it is nowhere near as toxic.

Experts say they are on the increase, as existing populations expand.

The severity of symptoms depends on the amount of venom injected but can include severe swelling, chest pains and tingling of fingers, but are commonly harmless.

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Source: The Sun