Britain’s ‘Free’ Press Is In Shackles

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Democracy only works when the people are well informed, are given all the facts and are able to make the best decisions for themselves, their families and their country.

This is why a free press is so integral. They are essentially there to protect our liberties and to make sure the interests of the people are met. So what happens when the press is now owned by rich moguls whose interests do not align with ours? We don’t need to speculate, just take a look at some of the scare mongering in the papers today.

Nine men own 90% of the UK’s national and regional newspapers. The majority want to tell you what to do, and are not happy that the smaller parties are set to disrupt the two and a half party system that has dominated British politics for decades. They’re not happy there is essentially more choice, and that your vote counts even more today.

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The Sun and The Times newspapers are both owned by Rupert Murdoch, and have both sided with The Conservatives this election. Meanwhile, The Sun is telling readers in England to vote for the Tories, while the Scottish Sun is telling readers to vote for The SNP. So why is the same establishment asking readers to vote for two parties who hold polar opposite political views?

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It’s this simple:

More SNP votes in Scotland will deprive Labour of support in one of their traditional strongholds. More Tory votes in England means Ed Miliband will be less likely to form a majority, with or without the SNP.

However, it isn’t just Murdoch’s papers trying to sway your decision.

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Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but should organisations dedicated to reporting the ‘news’ really be so manipulative and partisan?

We hope you vote, but please make your own mind up. The people who run these papers have enough power as it is. The coverage of this election has been a f*cking joke, we think it’s time people made their own minds up.