Unbelievable Inside Car Footage Of Police Car Being Shot At

By : Charlie MartinTwitterLogo


It is like something out of a movie. This is the unbelievable moment a high speed car chased turned into a shootout after gunmen opened fire on a police car.

Taken from a YouTube account that actively searches and publishes ‘anti-social behaviour’, this previously unseen footage has just been released for us to witness. It seems no police officers were hurt in the shooting. It’s a shame there is only 7 seconds worth of footage!

According to the YouTube account, the gunmen were on the run from a ‘Midland’ bank robbery in London.

The last time something like this happened was in 1993 when a detective was shot by an armed robber during a high speed car chase with a machine pistol.

Much like everything on the internet, however, you have to question some videos legitimacy. Although, how many people go around making videos of fake car chases?

Other footage from the account includes this video. A have-a-go hero trying to stop a robber with a machete!