This Undefeated Female MMA Fighter Is Also A Hard Working Student

By : Sam Ridgway |



This is MMA fighter Alexa Grasso, and when she isn’t knocking out her opponents and staying undefeated she’s hard at work in college studying morphology.

The 5’5″ Mexican stunner weighs in at 115 pounds and is currently undefeated with four knockouts on her pristine 6-0 record. And if she continues to rack up wins, a call to the UFC won’t be far away.

The strawweight (her weight category) is said to have knockout power that few women possess and has been pipped for massive things.


Speaking on how she got into the sport, the 21-year-old said:

I was amazed to see that such beautiful and strong women could punch and kick that way against a larger rival. I saw the beauty of the sport and that women are just as capable as men to fight.

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The former waitress said she knew she was a fighter when she had to defend herself against a fellow pupil in school and ‘exploded’ on them.

But despite her aggressive alter ego she still remains a hard working student.

UFC fans keep your eyes peeled, you will probably see her in the octagon at one point this summer!

[via Elite Daily]