University Students Can Now Study A Module In Masturbation

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Confirming that you can now take a class in just about anything, students at the University of Sheffield will soon be studying a module in masturbation.

And you thought the degrees in Harry Potter studies or beer brewing were weird!


This isn’t quite what it sounds like, however, and is more to do with close literary analysis than an overenthusiastic teacher dealing out self pleasure tips, which would probably get pretty awkward.

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The module is a part of the university’s English Literature degree and more than 200 undergraduate students will take part in the compulsory class titled ‘Critical and Literary Theory’, which includes a study of “pleasure, self-scrutiny and auto-eroticism”.

Featured as part of the study is a section called ‘The Art of Masturbation’, a lecture led by English tutor Dr Fabienne Collignon.


Speaking to Sheffield’s student news site The Tab, Dr Collignon said:

The lecture will be on Walt Whitman, Rob Halpern and the deconstruction of masturbation. The last week is called pleasure, self-scrutiny and auto-eroticism. I ended up calling it that because there’s an affinity between literary pleasure, critical self-scrutiny and auto-eroticism.

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Recommended texts for the syllabus include Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s Jane Austen and the Masturbating Girl and Walt Whitman: The Spermatic Imagination by Harold Aspiz.

Some of the students have reportedly said they are slightly apprehensive about the module, maybe because they’re worried that Dr Collignon will end up teaching the class like this woman.


Even so, aren’t students always thinking about sex anyway? This class plays to their strengths, if you ask us!