Unlucky Jurors Will Be Forced To Watch The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

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Very bad news if you’re a juror in the Hulk Hogan vs Gawker sex tape case – a Florida judge has confirmed that you will have to watch the tape in question.

That’s according to a report on Radar, who obtained a written ruling by Florida Circuit Court Judge Pamela Campbell.


She wrote:

When the video is played for the jury at trial, the monitors shall be turned in such a way so that only the jury, the parties, their trial counsel, and court personnel may see the video.

The public and press shall not be excluded from the courtroom when the video is played, and the pooled camera shall not be turned off during such time.

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Oh dear. Let’s face it, the prospect of watching a bright orange bodybuilder flop around on top of another man’s wife after making a bunch of racist remarks probably won’t fill anyone with joy.


Gawker released an edited version of the tape in question in 2012 – hence the court case in question, and why Hogan was unceremoniously dumped by WWE when it was revealed he had made racist remarks in the video – so some will have an idea of the (horrifying) contents within.

Still, the tape in its entirety will take things to another level and will hopefully answer some of our burning questions…


Is Hogan somehow even more racist than we thought? Is his wang as orange as the rest of him? Does he tag in Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake or the Nasty Boys to get in on the action while he has a rest? Does he start to flag badly in the middle of the sex session only to ‘Hulk Up’ and make a glorious comeback at the end? Can jurors expect to watch a lot of celebratory posing after the deed while a nearby commentary team shout, “What a manoeuvre”?

And, let’s face it, if Hogan didn’t enter the room to ‘Real American’ and point at Bubba’s wife before ripping off his vest, he really missed a trick.