Video Shows KFC Customers Scattering From Rats

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Video Shows KFC Customers Scattering From Rats rat fb thumb

Imagine sitting down to enjoy a nice greasy bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken when a couple of rats turn up. It’s definitely enough to make you lose your appetite, or was that an understatement? Yep, it was.

This is exactly what happened at a KFC restaurant in the capital of Peru, Lima, when a small army of rats came hunting for scraps of chicken.

A witness of the incident, Thomas Casares Orozco, said:

I was eating with my girlfriend when she screamed and jumped up pointing out the rat, then everyone started running for it scattering food everywhere.

One rat tried to grab a chicken leg but when a security guard turned up it tried to run off.

I like that bit, the rat wasn’t worried about all the other people, but it recognised the security staff and tried to run. Brilliant.

Casares Orozco added that he saw one bloke stamp on a rat, but didn’t manage to stop it. These are some Peruvian Master Splinter’s right here.