Vin Diesel Names Newborn After Late Best Friend Paul Walker

By : Sam Ridgway |


Whenever Vin Diesel looks at his new baby daughter, he’ll be reminded of his late best friend and Fast and Furious co-star, Paul Walker.

That’s because he’s just named her after him.

Speaking to the Today Show, Diesel said: “I named her Pauline. There’s no other person that I’m thinking about as I’m cutting this umbilical cord. I knew he was there and I felt like, you know, a way to keep his memory a part of my memory, a part of my world.”

Diesel and Walker grew up in the industry together, and became famous together. They were best friends and ‘brothers’, so this gesture is nothing out of the ordinary for Vin, who has been keeping Walker’s legacy alive ever since his passing in 2013.

And what a gesture it is. True friendship.