Watch Undeniable Proof Of Aliens In Roswell

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It’d be pretty ignorant to assume that we are alone in this universe. It’d also be pretty ignorant to question this undoubtable evidence that aliens were discovered in the Roswell crash.

In 1947, a UFO crashed in Roswell and it was kept as a massive secret. Luckily, a few conspiracy theorists know exactly what happened, and have ‘rediscovered’ some ‘authentic’ footage from the incident.

An Australian magazine called UNCENSORED has done a frame by frame analysis, and claims that the footage is 100% real.

The UFO website Paranormics had this to say:

This not only shows the dead alien (maybe from the Roswell crash) itself, but also the hanger and the alien body being carried into the hanger from the military ambulance that delivered it. It has enough clues to accurately date the footage from the late 1940s.

Check it out for yourself:

Amazing, right? I can’t believe that the quality of the footage is so clear. I never knew they had such good cameras in the 1940’s. I probably wouldn’t believe the footage if the picture was all blurry and grainy, but this couldn’t possibly be questioned.

Surprisingly, not everybody is sold on the footage. A UFO ‘expert’ called Philip Mantle, dealt with the first Roswell video, and he described this one as ‘utter bollocks’. The cheek.

Another sceptic, the author of UFO Investigations Manual, Nigel Watson said:

The first thing is where did this come from and who filmed it? The Uncensored magazine says they rediscovered it but don’t go into detail. We should also note that the infamous Roswell Alien Autopsy films released in the 1980s proved to be fakes or reenactments of footage that was lost.

I’m told this was shot and used for the Alien Autopsy film starring Ant and Dec – and has previously been uploaded as if true in 2007 – though that could be disinformation!

Some people just get off on going against the grain. Like people who say that they don’t like Kanye West. You do, really.

It’s clear to everybody that this is concrete proof, undeniable evidence that aliens crashed in the US desert 70 odd years ago, right?

What do you reckon?

The truth is out there.