Weed Lovers, You Can Now Get ‘Weed Pizza’

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Weed Lovers, You Can Now Get Weed Pizza podey pizza cannabis sauce

Weed sauce

It’s a fact, weed makes you very hungry. And it’s widely known that Pizza is a big hit when you have the munchies.

So food company ‘Podey Pizza’ have created the ultimate food for hungry stoners. Enter Podey Pizza Cannabis Sauce, a special paste that contains medical marijuana and will turn your pizza into the ultimate weed treat.

The company claims that 3 slices of ‘Podey Pizza’ is enough to ‘fully medicate you’.

Weed Lovers, You Can Now Get Weed Pizza stoned oven gourmet mandibles

They even tried it out with people that way over 300 pounds, just to make sure the dosage was perfect.

It will probably stay quite niche, but it’s good to know there are people out there creating ways of getting high whilst already high.