Welsh Police Kill Man Found Eating Woman’s Face

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Welsh Police Kill Man Found Eating Womans Face Zombie web

A man high on cocaine was found eating a woman’s face at a hotel in Argoed, Caerphilly, Wales.

34-year old Matthew Williams has been described as a “flesh-eating zombie” after security guards burst into his room in the Sirhowy Arms Hotel to find him eating the face of his 22-year old victim.

The guards were sickened by the scene and immediately called police who used a taser on Williams, killing him in the process.

The female victim was also pronounced dead at the scene, according to The Daily Star the guards who first found him “said he was chewing on her eyeball ‘like a Creme Egg.'”

The hotel which is used as a bail hostel for recently released criminals, Williams is said to have taken the victim back for a drink.

Williams had been released after having served half of a five-year prison sentence for attacking his ex-partner.

It is against the rules of the hotel for residents to take women back to their rooms, when the guards knocked on the door to check if Williams was breaking the rule he didn’t answer. This prompted security to force their way in where they found Williams eating the young woman’s flesh off her face.

Local resident, Lyn Beasley said: “He went Hannibal Lecter on the woman.”