Who Else Is Hyped For Blue’s New Groundbreaking Reality TV Show?

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Who Else Is Hyped For Blues New Groundbreaking Reality TV Show? Blue ITV2

Remember Blue? The R&B group consisting of Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe? No? For fuck sake. Well have a quick Google search and refresh your memory, because there is some BIG news on the horizon and it takes the form of a hit TV show. Woop woop.

The boyband, who made a whopping £77 in 2014, are back and they mean business. Well, they’re running a business at least, right in the middle of Ibiza.

ITV2 – home of Peter Andre’s entire existence – are “unleashing” the lads on the party island where they’ll attempt to turn a beach bar into a bustling destination for revellers. The FOUR PART SERIES follows Antony, Duncan, Simon and full-time bell end Lee Ryan as they try to (make themselves relevant again) turn the beachfront bar into a successful hotspot.

The cleverly titled ‘Blue Go Mad in Ibiza’ starts tonight, and obviously, we cannot fucking wait.