Why Smithers From The Simpsons Was Originally Black

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It took The Simpsons only ONE episode to change the colour of Waylon Smithers from black to yellow, but it wasn’t – as most people seem to think – racially motivated. It was actually an error in the animated process.

Waylon’s second appearance in Springfield was as a yellow man. But while we’re at it, why yellow? It’s another question that not many people ask, because they’re just used to it. But show creator Matt Groening recently shed some light on it for TMZ, as well as the Smithers situation.

In the video he says: “He was always yellow, and then they painted him wrong once. That’s alL. At the time, we didn’t have enough money to do retakes, so when there were glitches and mistakes, they stayed that way.”

However one user on the TMZ site, Monica Lazo commented: “Dr. Hibbert is black, they changed Smithers because he was a rich white (yellow) mans servant , and it would be considered racist.”

Obviously, this in tin foil hat fodder and statements like this are completely hollow. It’s also quite easy to come up with that conclusion given the situation.

But whatever the reason for it was, it’s got people talking!

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