Why The Suicide Squad Cast Need An On-Set Therapist

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Why The Suicide Squad Cast Need An On Set Therapist suicide squad WEBTwitter

Apparently ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer has hired an on-set therapist so that the actors don’t get too wrapped up in their alter egos.

And, given the reports of how Jared Leto was terrorising the rest of the cast as The Joker due to his method acting, maybe this news shouldn’t come as too much of a shock.

Speaking to E!, Adam Beach, who plays ‘Slipknot’ in the movie, said:

David Ayer is about realism. So if your character is tormented, he wants you to torment yourself. He wants the real thing. We kind of have like a therapist on board if you fall off the wagon and really are villainous. There’s a friend of (Ayer’s) that’s very unique in making sure we have our ground.

Suicide Squad is due for release in August 2016 and, yeah, it sounds like it’s going to be a pretty dark movie!