Why You Need To Be More Careful When Partying In Amsterdam

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Why You Need To Be More Careful When Partying In Amsterdam Amsterdam

It’s common knowledge that Amsterdam isn’t just popular with young tourists for its canals and amazing scenery.

The facts are there, the laws are known. But most people that visit the Dutch capital don’t know the real dangers that it poses, and recently, two young lads fell victim to those exact dangers.

Plymouth pair, Shaun Brotherston (20) and Bradley Price (21) were in Dam celebrating Shaun’s 21st birthday when they were sadly both found dead in their hotel room earlier this week.

Next to them lay traces of white powder that they believed to be cocaine. It wasn’t. The pair had unknowingly bought white heroin from a local dealer, and it had quick, devastating effects.

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In recent weeks, this drug has been purchased by a large amount of other tourists, all believing it to be cocaine. And 14 of them – mainly from the UK – have taken ill afterwards.

Police spokesman Rob van der Veen said: “We did a quick test to find out what kind of powder it was. It wasn’t cocaine, it was an opiate – in this case, white heroin.”

Investigators believe that the ring of street dealers involved in the death of another Brit last month, are targeting young tourists and selling them the drug.

A drug that even the dealers themselves aren’t aware of. Because according to van der Veen, even the dealers think they’re selling cocaine.

An awareness campaign has quickly been put into action in the capital, with posters going up in train stations, hotels and coffee shops. But it’s too late for these young students, who were just celebrating a birthday.

Why You Need To Be More Careful When Partying In Amsterdam amsterdam coffee shop

If you’re out there to visit the coffee shops, then visit the coffee shops. Enjoy the beer and see the sights. Don’t get roped in by persuasive street dealers and stay away from back streets.

Too many young tourists think they can handle themselves on weekend breaks and holidays overseas. When in reality, it’s this attitude that leaves you vulnerable to the actual dangers you think don’t exist.

Stay safe! We don’t enjoy writing articles like this. But awareness needs to be raised. RIP Shaun and Bradley. Our heart goes out to their families.

Help get these lads home to Britain, and with their families where they belong: http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/flying-two-young-brits-back-from-amsterdam-/269823