Woman Calls The Police Because She Was Having A Bad Hair Day

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Woman Calls The Police Because She Was Having A Bad Hair Day bad hair day WEBGetty

Police in Hull were pretty annoyed when a woman called 999 to complain about her new haircut.

The woman called the cops from a hairdresser’s because she thought her new do was “a mess”, and was seeking legal advice because she refused to pay.

Humberside police revealed the frivolous call in a Twitter post last week.

The bizarre emergency call is one of many highlighted by the police in recent weeks, with other inappropriate 999 conversations including a person who had missed their last bus home and someone who had run out of credit on their phone.

Police have now launched the “click before you call” campaign, encouraging people to only phone police if it’s a genuine emergency.

Chief Inspector Mark Bishop of Humberside Police said:

This is about us trying to educate the public as to who they ought to be contacting in order to ensure our very valuable resources are not tied up inappropriately. Some people don’t think before picking up the phone and dialling 999 and when they are doing so when it is not an emergency they are actually preventing other people, with real emergencies from getting through.


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