Woman Flies 6,515 Miles With Zoo Of Animals In Suitcase Including 55 Snakes And Two Monkeys

By : Rebecca Knight |



When we heard that one woman had been stopped by customs for trying to get through an airport with a few animals in her suitcase, we assumed she had a dog she wanted to take on holiday and didn’t want to put through quarantine. We were wrong.

The woman literally had half a zoo packed in the case, with 55 snakes, 35 lizards, seven turtles, six lemurs, and two monkeys at last count – and all because she wanted to make some money off them.


The animals were taken on a 6,515 trip from Jakarta to Moscow, where the woman planned on selling them – and sadly two baby crocodiles died on the way, with a suspected leopard even being among the surviving animals.

The animals were left hungry and tired after being placed in small boxes and bags – and the woman, who saw them as the ‘future of breeding’ now faces up to seven years in jail.