Woman Finally Lands Job In McDonald’s After 1,200 Applications And Three Years Of Trying

By : Rebecca Knight |



One woman from Hartlepool has finally managed to land a full time job after sending out 1,200 applications over a three year period of searching for work.

Amy Farrow, from Hartlepool, claims that she tried applying for up to 40 positions each week before McDonald’s finally gave her a chance and employed her, with her starting wage being £6.32 per hour.


Amy spent three years looking for a full time, permanent position and handed out countless CVs, and said it was hard to keep her attitude positive, adding:

Sometimes the people I was applying to didn’t even get back in touch.

I had quite a few interviews but I wasn’t successful.


Unemployment rates in Hartlepool are double that of the national average for people aged between 16-24, with 455 people out of work, and Amy is just thankful that she is no longer part of that statistic.

She spoke about her job and claimed:

This is the best job I’ve had and it’s made a huge difference to my life.

I’m meeting loads of new people and now I’m getting a full wage I’m able to move into my own house.

Amy studied construction at college and also volunteered in a charity shop and undertook an apprenticeship at a restaurant, so it was hardly like she didn’t have qualifications or work experience when she was applying for jobs.

Worryingly, as the stats show, she is certainly not the only young person to struggle to find work, with zero hour contracts and unpaid internships becoming more and more common, and full time, permanent jobs seeming as though they are an increasing rarity.


Daily Mirror