Woman Finds Two Worms In McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich

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worm Woman Finds Two Worms In McDonalds Chicken Sandwich

Joyce Fedd had one almighty shock when she bit into her McDonald’s McChicken sandwich after finding not one but two worms.


Fedd claims that she saw one worm in the popular snack and then on closer inspection, found a second after hitting up the McDonald’s drive-through in Jacksonville, Florida.


worm1 Woman Finds Two Worms In McDonalds Chicken Sandwich


Obviously McDonald’s were horrified and offered a full refund and issued a statement claiming: ‘Food safety is a top priority and we take incidents such as this very seriously, as it is highly unusual.’

Joyce wasn’t convinced, casting doubt on Maccy’s claims, adding:

There’s no telling what else is in those sandwiches,

If it came from the shipping, I am pretty sure it’s not just one chicken sandwich