Woman Gets Told Garden Is ‘Relentlessly Gay’ By Neighbour, Responds In Best Possible Way

By : Rebecca Knight |


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When Julie Baker from Baltimore, Maryland, put a few colourful lanterns in her garden, she probably thought the place was brightened up and bit and her neighbours appreciated it.

That was not the case, and she got a nasty shock when a seriously homophobic letter turned up at her house, threatening her with police action over her ‘relentlessly gay’ garden. Confused? Yeah, me too.

Basically, these lights (which really just look a little bit colourful and brighten the place up a bit)


Caused this letter:

gayn1Eleanor Justice

Yeah, I have no words either, and the shocking letter prompted Julie to set up a crowdfunding page to make her garden as gay as possible – and we have to say, we commend her.

The horrendous note has obviously gone viral, and because of this, Julie has so far raised more than £8,000 – which is a massive achievement considering the initial target was £3,100. At least some people have some sense. If you want to donate to the campaign, you can do so here.


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