Woman Hands Over £900,000 To Online Lover She’s Never Met

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An African male fell lucky when his online lover handed over $1.4million (£900,000) to him, even though they’ve never met.

Over the past 18 months Chris Olsen and Sarah have been speaking online, however the relationship was taken to the next level by speaking on the phone for hours each day.

Ever since then he has been constantly asking for money from her, so she decided to sell her apartment building and give him a tidy sum of £900,000. What a rational thing to do.

She stated that ‘An attractive person came on there and said “wow you look like you wouldn’t hurt a fly”.’ She was so flattered that she decided to rewarded him by paying for hotel bills, lawyers and stolen credit cards to get him out of jail.

Although she’s said his accent has changed several times on the phone, she’s ‘95 percent certain’ that he considers her his ‘wife.’

Sarah has recently appeared on Dr Phil in the hope that they will meet.