Woman Named ‘Jackie McBurnie’ Arrested For Arson, Obviously

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Woman Named Jackie McBurnie Arrested For Arson, Obviously MacBurnie fb thumb

Jackie McBurnie just had to go and burn something, it’s like it was her calling in life. The only thing that would make this story better is if she burnt down a McDonald’s.

But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it wasn’t a McDonald’s, it was her own apartment that she burnt to the ground on New Year’s Day.

McBurnie has been charged with one count of arson although police believe she started two fires that day. The first in her kitchen that only caused minor damage. The second in her bedroom 10 hours later and that one took down the whole building.

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And that’s not all, back in September McBurnie lived in a different building when a fire broke out on a deck near her apartment. She wasn’t a suspect back then but in light of recent events I’ve got a good feeling authorities will be reviewing her case.

She’s clearly just a pyromaniac and it can only be because of her name. It was simply her destiny.