Woman ‘Offered Sexual Favours To Three Traffic Cops To Avoid Ticket’

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Woman Offered Sexual Favours To Three Traffic Cops To Avoid Ticket UNILAD woman6

We’ve heard of flirting to try and get out of a speeding ticket but this motorist in the U.S. took things to a whole new level when she allegedly tried to avoid a series of traffic offences by offering sexual favours to three police officers.

Unfortunately for her, the unique tactic didn’t work – and just landed her in more hot water with the law.

As reported by the Mirror, a police report published on the Smoking Gun website alleges that 24-year-old Arielle Engert was pulled over after she was spotted weaving in the road by traffic cops. Officers claim she then failed a drink-driving test, registered a blood alcohol content at twice the legal limit, and was found with small amounts of cocaine and cannabis in Pinellas County, Florida.

Woman Offered Sexual Favours To Three Traffic Cops To Avoid Ticket UNILAD car sex woman 34Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

She was also arrested on suspicion of bribery offences after she allegedly offered to perform sex acts on the officers if they let her off. Engert allegedly made the sexy offer to Deputy Brian Sudbrink, and she is then claimed to have made the same proposition to deputies Obed Munoz and Eric Biddle when they arrived to investigate the discovery of drugs in the car.

In his arrest report, one officer wrote:

The defendant stated repeatedly that she would perform fellatio [and] other sex acts if deputy would not charge her with the offences she was arrested for.

Engert is now charged with drink-driving, drug possession and bribery, so it’s fair to say her alleged plan backfired spectacularly!