Woman Sells Painting For £3500, Finds Out It’s Worth £2 Million

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I almost felt sick when I first found out about this. And I am in no way involved whatsoever. Obviously.

After an elderly lady sold the piece of art at the top of this article for £3,500, scholars later revalued it at £2 million when they discovered it was actually an original by John Constable. Jesus CHRIST.

An auction house sold the piece for 83-year-old Lady Hambleden, along with other contents from her Manor in the Chilterns. She flogged everything for a collective £1.17million. Now obviously, the fact this woman is already a millionaire makes me feel a bit better. But still, that ONE painting was almost worth double what her life possessions cost.

We’re not sure what is happening with the painting now. But Lady Hambledon is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with those who originally valued it. And we imagine she won’t be backing down.

Imagine finding this thing at a car boot sale… I bet she is DEVASTATED.

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