Woman Shoots At McDonalds After Finding Burger Without Enough Bacon In It

By : Rebecca Knight |



One woman took things a little bit too far when she got into a dispute with staff at a McDonalds store in Michigan after being dissatisfied with her burger.

The row was over the amount of bacon in her burger – and after firstly being given a bacon cheeseburger without any of the meat whatsoever, she made her unhappiness clear. The staff told her that upon her next visit, she would be able to get a free one. The end? Not quite.


Shaneka Torres returned later that day for her free burger and was again unhappy at the amount of bacon in the burger – but this time pulled out a gun, a gun that she presumably went back home to get just in case of a second inadequate burger, and shouted at the store worker: ‘Bitch, you don’t know who you’re talking.’

She then fired the gun and will now face seven years in jail after a court convicted her.

[via Daily Star]