Woman Steals Beckford Shirt From Kid, Tries To Sell It On Gumtree

By : Rebecca Knight |


preston 2

One young Preston fan thought all his dreams had come true when he not only saw his side promoted but also managed to get the shirt worn by Jermaine Beckford, who was the stand out player on the field.

Sadly for the young kid, one woman literally took the shirt from his arms, leaving him gutted.


She then tried to sell the shirt on Gumtree for £1,500 but the post has now been removed after a Facebook campaign for the young kid set up by Preston fans, and now the woman’s face has been plastered all over mainstream media, it’s safe to say she will be a bit embarrassed to say the very least.

We hope that the young kid isn’t too upset – and really, it wouldn’t be putting Beckford out too much to post the kid another shirt would it?


Daily Mirror