Woman Who Slashed Kids’ Throats Walks Free Due To ‘Drug Induced Psychosis’

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Woman Who Slashed Kids Throats Walks Free Due To Drug Induced Psychosis 1146Getty

A woman from Newport has walked free after slashing kids’ throats, as a court heard that her heavy cannabis use had driven her temporarily insane.

28 year old Sadie Jenkins took a serrated kitchen knife to two children while they slept at home, and slashed their throats.

She went into the bedroom of the seven year old boy, and 16 month old girl, and Cardiff Crown Court heard how she left an 8cm wound on the boy’s neck, which left the ‘deep structures in his neck visable’, and the baby needed 15 stitches to her 6cm long injury.

The court heard that Jenkins was in a drug induced psychosis, and believed that they were a ‘threat from the mafia’.

The owners of the home in which she was staying, Nigel and Ceri Ash, 58, woke up at the sounds of the children screaming, and rushed to wrestle the weapon out of Jenkins’ hands, while she shouted ‘It had to be done’. The injured kids were taken to hospital and rushed into surgery.

Mrs Justice Carr told the defendant:

At the time of the attack you were in the grip of psychosis as a result of illegal drug taking on a daily basis and you deliberately withheld information from your GP.

One can only hope that you understand the consequences of drug taking.

Jenkins used cannabis heavily, which she also mixed with amphetamines. Not advisable.

Prosecutor Paul Lewis said:

She has been seen by mental health professionals and two consultant forensic psychiatrists have come to the conclusion that at the crucial time she was suffering from an amphetamine-induced psychotic illness.

The doctors are of the opinion that when she attacked the children, her mental condition was such that she knew what she was doing but she didn’t know that her actions were wrong.

When Jenkins spoke to doctors, she told them that she believed she was saving the children from ‘a fate worse than death’.

The judge imposed a two year supervision order, and forced regular drug tests, at least once a week.

These cases always seem to divide opinion. Diminished responsibility is a reasonable and fair thing, but it is difficult to side with it when the responsibility is diminished thanks to fucking your own head up with drugs. I really start to lose sympathy, and if those kids were relatives or friends of mine, I would be fuming that she walked free.

While it was probably more to do with the amphetamines, this probably won’t fall in favour of the ‘legalise cannabis’ campaign.