Woman’s Glass Meth Pipe Shatters Inside Her Vagina

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Generally speaking, the title describes it all. Jeana Marie Smart 26 from North Dakota was found with a bloody vagina after crashing her car.

On 4th December, Jeana rear-ended a car on the highway causing the meth pipe she was hiding in her vagina to shatter leaving her with messy pants.

It seems as though she’s a bit of a fucking tough nut as when she was asked why she was bleeding she calmly told the police she was on her period, but as it continued to spill down her legs once back at the police station, she was forced to admit that she did indeed have a shattered pipe in her varsh. Medical professionals have since removed all the glass and Jeane is ok.

Moral of the story…drive responsibly.

Womans Glass Meth Pipe Shatters Inside Her Vagina meth pipe girl