Women Reveal The Secret To Orgasms In Blog About Sex

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One of the secrets pretty much everyone wants to know is how to make a woman orgasm.

Women because they want one, and guys because they want to be able to give a woman one – and now, the secret may well have been revealed.

Despite a female orgasm being called one of the most difficult things to achieve, one blog, all about sex, has tips and advice from anonymous women, on how to get things right in the bedroom.

The blog is called ‘How To Make Me Come’, and was set up by a 27-year-old woman who had her own flops in the bedroom.

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Here is some of the advice:

Be patient and listen

Let me tell you about the first time I really came.

Women – consider your own needs, as well as theirs.

I have faked A LOT of orgasms. For so long, my self-esteem has been hanging not by a thread, but by a tiny tiny shaving of a fingernail from a nail file. I’ve wanted guys to like me so badly. I’ve needed their validation in place of my own… I’d made sex for the man and not for myself.

I would be too ashamed to say, “Hey, this isn’t working for me,” because I would want them to think I was easy going and had had tons of experience. I’d be so concerned with their finishing that I’d ignore my own. I would be too frightened to admit I wasn’t sure I knew what I wanted.

It’s not all about intercourse

For me, while actual intercourse is obviously awesome, I think that everything leading up to it is equally, if not more important. Listen closely because this will be incredibly helpful when you are lucky enough to get me into your/my bed.

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Take the lead. I love it when a guy has initiative and makes me feel wanted. Make me feel like you can’t wait to take my clothes off. That’ll make me want to take my clothes off. (See how that works?)

Tease me. Take your time to really turn me on. My lips, ears, neck, inner thighs, lower stomach, etc. all need attention. The longer you go without jumping face first into my crotch, the better it will feel when you finally get down there. And it will make your job a lot easier.

Take your time to learn my body. What worked on your ex, might not work on me. We’re all very different, so unless you’re some sort of vagina wizard/genius, it’ll take a bit for you to learn how to make me come. That’s ok. Let’s just both agree that we’re not going to stress too much about it.

Believe me when I tell you it’s not going to happen tonight. Sometimes I’m just not going to come. It’s usually not your fault, it’s just the reality of the situation.

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Ask me if I’m going to come soon. If you do that, I’ll be in my head and start down the scary “you’re not enjoying yourself” spiral. We all know how that ends…

Get annoyed at me or yourself if I don’t come. That doesn’t help, and will not make next time any easier.

Think that just because I didn’t come, it was a waste/I didn’t enjoy it/you’re not a man. Maybe it didn’t happen this time, but there’s always tomorrow morning ;)

You can read the full blog here.