Women Were Asked To Describe The ‘Perfect Penis’, Results Are Enlightening

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Women Were Asked To Describe The Perfect Penis, Results Are Enlightening perfect penis WEBGetty

Scientists have just answered one of humanity’s most important questions – what makes for an attractive penis?

The team from the University of Zurich decided it was high time that someone did some research on the “perfect penis”, and asked women for their preferences on male genitalia.

And, according to the study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, “general cosmetic appearance” is the most important aspect when it comes to what the ladies most value in their man’s trouser department.

In second place, they want trimmed (but not too much) pubic hair, with the appearance of the penile skin and general girth trailing closely behind.

Length comes in as low as number six on the list – so maybe size really doesn’t matter, after all – and the look of the scrotum is ranked behind that. Because, let’s face it, balls are never going to look good, so why worry?

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The least important facet of the phallus, according to the scientists, is the “position and shape of meatus” – that’s the vertical slit at the opening of the urethra where everything, erm, comes out.

The three academics behind the paper, which is based on the responses of 105 women aged 16-45, set out to investigate whether men with corrected hypospadias, which uncorrected sees the urethra end in the wrong place, are perceived by women to look “normal” below the belt.

The scientists argue that some men who undergo this procedure believe their penile appearance to be “abnormal”.

The findings, that the meatus is seemingly insignificant when the penis is judged on its cosmetic value, suggest that this thinking is not actually true, with the experts concluding that patients should be told this information to “prevent the development of shame”.

As for the important issue of what makes the perfect penis, the researchers ultimately concluded that there “is no single penile aspect that is essential” for the penis to be considered attractive.

That seems like a bit of a cop out, if you ask us. But, then again, no matter how hard guys try, penises are probably never going to look particularly pleasant…