World’s Most Venomous Spider Found In Waitrose Home Delivery

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No this is not a joke. This is the Brazilian Wandering Spider. It’s the Guinness World Book of Records most venomous spider, and one was found in a Waitrose home delivery this week.

The deadly spider will paralyse and kill you within minutes. And this one was found amongst the fruit of a Waitrose delivery. NOPE.

Police refused to help the family head on, and we can’t blame them. Instead, the couple and their two young sons were forced out of their home for 2 days while the spider was caught. If that was me, I would literally sell the house the day I go back. What if it was pregnant?

Worlds Most Venomous Spider Found In Waitrose Home Delivery ad 148977817

The unlucky shopper said he was making breakfast when the delivery came. And after opening a bag, he saw the spider amongst the bananas. Waitrose then sent store workers to the home to tackle it but they instantly refused and called in the specialists.

When the spider was finally corners, it tried to attack the pest controllers. It definitely wasn’t happy.

Waitrose said: ‘The safety of our customers is our absolute priority. We did everything we could to look after our customer during what was a distressing incident and we’ve apologised personally. Although this is highly unusual, we’re taking it very seriously and will be working with our supplier to minimise the risk of this happening again.’

I am now afraid of all supermarkets.