Yazidi Women Form All-Female Fighting Unit To Take On ISIS

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Yazidi Women Form All Female Fighting Unit To Take On ISIS UNILAD yazidi girls WEB8Owen Holdaway

An incredible group of Yazidi women have formed an all-female battalion to fight back against the ISIS terrorists who abducted, raped and murdered thousands of their people.

The group were brought together by renowned Yazidi singer Xate Shingali, who formed the ‘Sun Girls’ to take on Islamic State on the battlefield in Iraq.

The brave women are risking death, or even worse, in their campaign against ISIS. If the troops are ever caught by the enemy, they will either be killed or, more likely, be held by the extremists as their personal sex slaves.

However, they are unmoved by that terrifying prospect and one of the group, the youngest at just 17, said: “Even if they kill me, I will say I am a Yazidi.”

ISIS kidnapped thousands of Yazidi women and very young girls when it stormed their villages in Sinjar province, northern Iraq, in August 2014, and slaughtered more than 5,000 more. Those who escaped the clutches of ISIS have spoke of how they endured unimaginable cruelty and sexual abuse at the hands of the fighters they were forced to marry.

The Yazidis, whose religion has elements of Christianity and Islam, pray to a being known as Melek Taus (‘Peacock Angel’). ISIS fanatics see them as ‘devil worshippers’ and under the group’s twisted version of Islamic law, they give Yazidis the choice to convert to Islam or be killed.

In response to the attacks on her people, 30-year-old Shingali, who has performed traditional Yazidi folklore music all over northern Iraq, was granted special permission to form the ‘Sun Girls’ unit by the Kurdish President.

She formed the brigade on July 2 and has since recruited 123 female fighters aged between 17 and 30. In the next few months, the unit is planning to move to a more permanent base nearer to the battlefront on Sinjar mountain, but they are short on weapons.

Yazidi Women Form All Female Fighting Unit To Take On ISIS UNILAD yazidi girls WEB 23Owen Holdaway

Xate hopes European countries will send them more ‘weapons and airplanes’ to help them battle ISIS. In the meantime, Xate said the male Kurdish fighters are training them to use AK47s.

The group is unofficially known as the ‘Sun Girls’ because the Yazidis believe the sun protects them and is a holy symbol.

There is also a rumour in the Yazidi community that ISIS fighters are scared of being killed by a woman because they worry they will not be rewarded with ’72 virgins in heaven’. Unsurprisingly then, the all-female group are keen to do their bit to stop that from happening.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Xate said:

ISIS will never go to heaven. We will kill them.